„Zoe Beloff: Two Marxists in Hollywood (2015), Exile (2018), A Model Family in a Model Home (2015)-english“

movienight in presence of the artist

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>> live & digital: Monday, 21.2.2022, 8 p.m.
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Film: “A Model Family in a Model Home” (2015)

Fleeing from the Nazis, Bertolt Brecht arrived in Los Angeles in 1941. This film is inspired by notes for movie that he based on an article in Life Magazine called A Model Family in a Model Home. It explores Brecht’s ideas about working people and the home as a stage upon which larger political and social forces are played out.


Eric Muzzy,
22 minutes

Film: „Exile“ (2018)

The philosopher Walter Benjamin and his friend the playwright Bertolt Brecht spent time together in exile from Nazi Germany in the 1930’s. In this film they are still in exile, only now in New York City 2017. In the intervening years they have changed because in our contemporary world, refugees and victims of racism look different. Brecht is Iranian. Benjamin is African American. „Exile“ is an essay film incorporating actors, archival footage and documentary scenes that makes connections between fascism in the 1930s and what is going on in America today.


Afshin Hashemi, Eric Berryman, Paul Lazar, Marie Pohl,
Eric Muzzy
51 minutes

Film: „Two Marxists in Hollywood“ (2015)

In 1930 Russian avant-garde filmmaker Sergei Eisenstein spent six months in Los Angeles under contract with Paramount. A decade later German playwright and theater director Bertolt Brecht, a refugee from Nazi Germany, lived there from 1941 to 1947. Both set out to make films in Hollywood on their own terms. Working in the world’s most famous factory of dreams, they believed that artists must call into question the way we understand our world.They wanted to make art that was both radical and popular.


Bryan Yoshi Brown, Ben Taylor –
Eric Muzzy
26 minutes

movienight in presence of the artist:

Zoe Beloff


Anja Hartl


„Two Marxists in Hollywood“

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