„Tomorrow will also be a beautiful day, said the mayfly“

An evening of theatre with texts from Thomas Brasch

>> Staatstheater Augsburg, brechtbühne
>> live: Friday, 18.2. and thursday, 24.2.2022, 7.30 p.m.
>> 7 p.m.: Introduction
>> Tickets (already sold out)
He was a provocateur who travelled frequently between East and West Germany, he was a razor-sharp analyst and one of the most charismatic representatives of the German-German literary scene. Torn between two different worlds, he led a life on the edge until he finally died, far too young, at the age of 56 in the year 2001. We are talking about the poet and filmmaker Thomas Brasch, whose life and work are the focus of the latest production by the two directors of the Brecht Festival, Tom Kühnel and Jürgen Kuttner.

Retrospective  on Thomas Brasch

To accompany the premiere of “Tomorrow will also be a beautiful day, said the mayfly“, the Brecht Festival is presenting a selection of films by and about Thomas Brasch at the Liliom Cinema:


>> Monday, 21.2.2022, 8 p.m.: „Domino“ (1982)
>> Tuesday, 22.2.2022, 8 p.m.: „Familie Brasch. Eine Deutsche Geschichte“ (2018)
>> Wednesday, 23.2.2022, 8 p.m.: „Der Passagier – Welcome to Germany“ (1988)

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