„Helden des 20. Jahrhunderts singen Brecht“

(heroes of the 20th century sing Brecht)

Suse Wächter

„Heroes of the 20th century – an act of hysteria with puppets“ is a central project in Suse Wächter’s oeuvre – an ancestral gallery of more than 70 miniature portraits of famous figures, a kind of „ensemble of the undead“.

As a play, premiered in 2003, the „heroes of the 20th century“ gave guest performances at the Volksbühne Berlin, at Thalia Theater Hamburg, in Poland and in Switzerland. A lot of the figures continue to live on with their ghost live in further productions an art projects.

For the Brechtfestival Suse Wächter puts her figures in relation to Brecht songs. She developed music clips with musician Matthias Trippner and camera woman Ulrike Gutbrod, that discover Brecht in an unfamiliar playful, anarchic and touching new way.


Suse Wächter, Matthias Trippner.


Ulrike Gutbrod, Datenstrudel, Stephanie Kloss und Jo Schramm

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Ulrike Gutbrod


A Brechtfestival Augsburg Production.

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