theter ensemble

She campaigned for women’s rights, was a photographer, author and director, wanted to capture reality on stage and confronted society with her communist and political ideas. She even went to the front lines of the Spanish Civil War after Brecht sent her to Spain to represent him at a literary congress – Ruth Berlau was so much more than Brecht’s lover, confidant and stage photographer. In a scenic collage, the theter ensemble is dedicated to the life, love and suffering of the impressive Ruth Berlau – is it still relevant? How can a woman make herself heard in the theatre?


executive production:

Verena Gawert


Iris Schmidt

camera and editing:

Leif Eric Young


Franziska Pux, Timm Gutfleisch


Marion Alber


Daria Welsch, Sophia Planckh, Paul Boehme

costume and stage design:

Sina Abel, Amelie Seeger


Leif Eric Young

publishing rights:

Ruth Berlau/Hoffmann

A theter production comissioned by Brechtfestival 2021

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