„Retrospective Thomas Brasch“


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>> Monday, 21/2/2022 – Wednesday, 23/2/2022, 8 p.m.
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„Engel aus Eisen“ (1981)

(iron angels)

Monday, 21/2/2022, 8 p.m.

Berlin, at the time of the airlift. Life is in a state of emergency. Werner Gladow, the 17-year-old gang leader of the Gladow Gang, makes the current absentmindedness his own. With the help of Gustav Völpel, a police informer, Gladow carries out numerous robberies and hold-ups undisturbed. His goal: to achieve dominance in the underworld. But the end of the blockade comes and so does the end of the gang rivals.

director: Thomas Brasch
105 min/ black and white
age: 16 years and older

„Familie Brasch. Eine Deutsche Geschichte“ (2018)

(The Brasch Family. A German Tale)

Tuesday, 22/2/2022, 8 p.m.

In the years after 1945, the Braschs are a perfect family of functionaries living the German dream of socialism in the Soviet-occupied zone: Horst Brasch, a passionate anti-fascist and Jewish Catholic, helps to build the GDR, although his wife Gerda never feels at home in it. His son Thomas becomes a literary star; like his father, he dreams of a fairer world, but like his younger brothers Peter and Klaus, he is critical of real existing socialism.

In 1968, the conflict between the generations erupts in the GDR as everywhere else. Father Brasch turns his rebellious son Thomas over to the authorities – and thus also ushers in the end of his own career. After 1989, socialist dreams of any kind are no longer worth anything. In her new film, director Annekatrin Hendel („Vaterlandsverräter“, „Anderson“) portrays three generations of Brasch, who play out the tensions of history within their own families – between East and West, art and politics, communism and religion, love and betrayal, utopia and self-destruction. She meets the clan’s sole survivor, Marion Brasch, as well as numerous confidants, lovers and friends, among them the actress Katharina Thalbach, the poet Christoph Hein, the songwriter Bettina Wegner and the artist Florian Havemann. FAMILY BRASCH is a panorama of time that brings history to life as family history, an epic about the decline of the „Red Nobility“, a „Buddenbrooks“ in GDR edition.

Director: Annekatrin Hedel
With: Marion Brasch, Katharina Thalbach, Christoph Hein, Florian Havemann, Bettina Wegner, Ursula Andermatt, Joachim von Vietinghoff, Alexander Polzin, Petra Schramm, Lena Brasch, Jochen Fleischacker, Benjamin Schlesinger u.a.
103 min
age: 6 years and older


Der Passagier – Welcome to Germany“(1988)

(The passenger)

Wednesday, 23/2/2022, 8 p.m.

The successful Jewish director Cornfield returns from the USA to Germany in the 1980s. Here, 45 years ago, he had been one of 13 Jewish extras in an anti-Semitic propaganda film. In return, he and his friends were promised freedom. The promise was never kept, however, and out of fear the young Cornfield made a mistake that would haunt him for the rest of his life: he betrayed a friend and thus made himself complicit in his friend’s death. Plagued by his guilty conscience, Cornfield wants to make a documentary film about the circumstances of the events of that time and in this way atone for his guilt.


„Rating particularly valuable“


Director: Thomas Brasch
With: Toni Curtis, Katharina Thalbach, Birol Ünel, Gedeon Burkhardt
103 min.
age: 12 years or older

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