Live. In a limbo. Mit Texten aus „Flüchtlingsgespräche“ von Bertolt Brecht

(with texts from Brecht’s „Refugee Conversations“)

Bluespots Productions (Augsburg)


>>meeting point: Grandhotel Cosmopolis, Springergässchen 5
>> Thursday, 24/2, Tickets
>> Sunday, 27/2/2022, Tickets
“I am always hearing about the importance of being rooted. I am convinced that the only creatures that have roots, the trees, would rather they didn’t have any, as they would then be able to fly in an aeroplane.”
From Bertolt Brecht: Refugee Conversations
They talk about the good in the shabby, the order of the senseless, the virtue of deception, and of outmoded modernity. On the live audio walk, two characters accompany you through the transit area of their life as exiles. They hide and then reappear in the Brechtian alleys of the town. You hide and reappear. They soon leave, each to their own town. Yet they may be seen again. And in the end, the question arises: where should I go, who can I be?


Anja Neukamm und Martin Schülke


Gianna Formicone


Ensemble von bluespots productions

Executive Producer:

Lisa Bühler


Kristina Beck

Publishing Rights:

Suhrkamp Verlag / Brecht Erben

Media Support and Picture:

Miriam Artmann

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