„Kid be kid, Masha Qrella“

in concert


>> Kongress am Park

>> Saturday, 19/2/2022, 7.30 p.m. entry, start: 8 p.m.

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The young Brecht was a rebel who defied the populists of his time with every means of art at his disposal. The Brecht Festival 2022 will celebrate his legacy with contributions from Kid be Kid, Masha Qrella and Gaye Su Akyol. Both in-person and digital events are planned.

Kid be Kid (Berlin)

Following her debut, “Sold Out”, KID BE KID went straight to the big festivals where she served up exhilarating concerts to the audiences. Whether it is the Elbjazz in Hamburg, the legendary Fusion Festival, or the leading Monument National as part of the Festival International de Jazz de Montréal, one of the biggest stages in the world – KID BE KID fascinates her audiences with her relentless devotion and incredible skill.
With her new EP “Lovely Genders”, KID BE KID has established her place among the great neo-soul artists of our time. Her songs are characterised by the depth of their sound and the maturity of their content. Her unique skillset of beatboxing, vocals, piano and synthesizer meets with poetic lyrics and rhythmic virtuosity.
Simply everything about KID BE KID is special. Before her, it was hard to imagine an artist who could play four instruments simultaneously without a loop station, while grooving, touching the emotions, and hitting several notes with her voice at the same time. KID BE KID embodies coolness and vulnerability, structure and freedom, as well as hip hop and jazz in equal measure, and brings everything in the room to life.

Masha Qrella (Berlin)

Masha Qrella is a figure from East Berlin with cult status. She has held concerts at the Volksbühne, the HAU and the Sophiensaelen theatre, and revolutionised “indie pop” with bands like Contriva and Mina before starting over as a solo artist. She spans the aesthetic arc from Brecht’s house composer Kurt Weill to the British performing arts collective Gob Squad.  Her peers and concertgoers appreciate her understatement, which certainly doesn’t match the musical force with which her melodies can sweep the listener away. At times, listening to Qrella is like surfing a wave with depth. She is both a star and anti-star in her scene. The makers of “Grey’s Anatomy” must have thought “that suits us” when they licensed a track by Qrella for the soundtrack of the series. Qrella also writes film scores and theatre music, however. She has also studied Brecht and Weill in depth. “Woanders” is her first concept album in German, on which she collaborated with Thomas Brasch. The singer, who was born in East Berlin in 1975, finds fragments of her own history in her lyrics.


Diana Naecke (left)
Kid be Kid (right)

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