„Ich bin ein Dreck“

(I am dirt)

A film about Brecht or the live or the love

Based on texts by Bertolt Brecht, Margarete Steffin, Inge Müller and Helene Weigel

Stefanie Reinsperger

I wanted a clear direction, a decision tree with two branches: either, or, one, zero, yes, no, if, then. I wanted the reliability of the laws of nature. But I am dirt. And that isn’t good. How can a person actually be DIRT? Do they perform as a soloist? Or are we talking about an empty set? It is precisely the contradiction, it seems, the non-linear, the simultaneity of the either and the or, which comes closest to the circumstances that we commonly call life. After all, if one focuses on the various biographies in history and their interweaving with one another, they awaken our curiosity first and foremost due to their irregularity. Beyond the reasonable, as the reasonable sometimes recedes into the unattainable distance, and beyond moral or other judgements, we may manage to create – in simple contemplation – a small concept of the inconsistency of life. I am dirt. I have a yearning for a clear direction. I am dirt. I know that it doesn’t exist.


Stefanie Reinsperger, Akin Isletme


Akin Isletme

director’s assistant:

Zoé Miray-Su Hamdemir

camera & editing:

Bahadir Hamdemir

music / sounddesign:

Bendrik Grossterlinden, Matthias Schubert


Stefanie Reinsperger, Wolfgang Michael, Julian Keck

publishing rights:

© Suhrkamp Verlag Berlin / Bertolt-Brecht-Erben, Rowohlt Verlag


Sven Serkis

A Brechtfestival production 2021.

presented by


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