conditions of participation and hygiene measures

What is required to be admitted to the location?

All guests need to check in with proof of their 2G status for cultural events.


What does 2G mean?

The G’s stand for ‚Geimpft‘ (vaccinated) and ‚Genesen‘ (recovered) in German. You’ll need either proof of full vaccination (2 shots of any EU-certified vaccination, in any combination: Moderna/ Biontech-Pfizer/AstraZeneca/ Johnson&Johnson) or proof of recovery from a Sars-Cov-Infection in the last 3 months. We can only varify your proof with your ID.


Do I have to wear a mask?

Yes, at the moment you are required to wear a FFP2 mask everywhere inside the location, including your seat.


What proofs of vaccination do I need to attend the event?

We accept all common certficates, best is your QR-Code in common apps or a print-out of your vaccination confirmation with QR-Code. All certificates are only valid with personal ID.


How do I proof, I am recently recovered? (no more than 3 months)

You are officially „recovered“, if you were tested positive for Sars-Cov2 at least 28 days ago and  no more than 3 months.
Please have your digital recovery certificate with you.

You can also proof your status by
– PCR-result of a laboratory/ practitioner/ test center
– medical certificate, if it states that the PCR-test was indeed positive and tells us, when you were tested
– the letter from the health agency concerning your quarantine
– other official letters, stating the date and result of your PCR test

not accepted are for example:
– an antigene test
– official letters without exact date and/or result of the PCR-test
– antibody counts
– medical certificates of illness


Which kinds of tests are accepted?

You need to be recovered or vaccinated. A test does not suffice.


Who is prohibited to enter anyways?

Persons, who are quarantined or have symptoms of the cold or flu. Write an e-mail to brecht@augsburg.de, we will replace your ticket with a digital festival pass.


What does a ticket to the live events of Brechtfestival cost and where do I get them?

Prices and reduction details at brechtfestival.de/tickets or in the webshop of our partner reservix
Tickets are available in all reservix shops and the public and tourist information at Rathausplatz, Augsburg.
If you’re not from Augsburg and don’t want to shop online: There are reservix shops all around Germany and perhaps even close to you.

May I return/cancel my ticket?

In principle, the ticket purchase cannot be returned and it is not possible to return or cancel the ticket due to an event ban or being ill or tied up, as digital transmission or adaptation is planned for these events. In this case, you will receive a festival pass with which you can enjoy the entire digital festival program. Please be sure to include your email address when purchasing. Then the festival pass will be sent to you automatically.



Can I use the local public transport with my ticket?

The tickets are not valid for public transport. You must buy or purchase your own ticket.

Can I buy food or drink at the location?

If the pandemic measures permit, we will offer the possibility of buying drinks in the festival headquarters in tim. This is still to be clarified in the other venues such as martini-Park, Kongress am Park, City Club and brechtbühne. There will be no catering in the Kleiner Goldener Saal.



What does a ticket to the digital program cost?

There is something for everyone, decide for yourself which ticket is right for you: the Solidarpass costs 22 € and is the ticket for couples, groups or appreciative, the Sparpass costs 7 € and is the ticket for schoolchildren, students… The festival pass costs €12 and is the normal price ticket.

Whatever you choose:

Each ticket costs a one-time fee and offers unlimited access to all live streams and the media library for the entire festival period up to and including February 27th, 2022.

What is the festival pass and why do I need it?

The festival pass is the ticket to the DIGITAL program of Brecht Festival. It consists of a personal code with which you activate the live streams and the content of the media center during the festival period. The activation code will be generated by our streaming partner dringeblieben.de and sent to you by e-mail. In addition to the code, the e-mail also contains the link to the live stream and the media library. Visitors with a festival pass enter their code in the form field to the right of the live stream window at the start of the event.

Starting when and where can I purchase the festival pass?

The festival pass is available starting January 14, 2022 via theTicketsbutton on www.brechtfestival.de. The purchase is processed by our cooperation partner „Dringeblieben.de“. You ca pay with credit card, Paypal, Giropay and „Sofortüberweisung“ (instant transfer).
(Expert tip: it is better to use the computer to book, it works better than the mobile version).
At the start of the festival on February 18th, you can log into the digital offers with the festival pass. The tickets cannot be canceled.

I want to watch the digital programs with my family or my roommates. Do we need more than one ticket?

The festival pass is an activation code with which the computer (or smartphone, tablet) registers in the system. It therefore only works on one device at a time. However, of course several people can use one device at the same time. Gladly also with the solidarity pass.

When can I log in with my activation code?

Two hours before the start of each event, the form field in which the code can be entered appears on the live stream page. The contributions in the media library are up to and including 27/2/2022. They are accessible at any time with the unlock code. In the event of technical difficulties, our service provider can be reached almost around the clock via e-mail at: support@dringelieben.de


How do I log in to the Brecht media library?

The Brecht media library is a separate area on the website where you can also find the live streams. You can access with your personal code on the ticket (festival pass, solidarity pass or savings pass). The festival program and the media library are only available during the festival.

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