„Brechtfestival Best of Poetry Slam“

A bad time for poetry? (Brecht)


>> Parktheater im Kurhaus Göggingen

>> Thursday, 24/2/2022, 8 p.m.

>> Tickets

digital program

>> Thursday, 24/2/2022, 8 p.m., live stream

>> afterwards available in the media library

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On the contrary. A poetry slam evening is the best time for poetry. And storytelling. And rap poetry. And comedy. And every other form of performed literature which goes straight from the stage to the ear. For the Brecht Special, four of the best poetry slammers in the German-speaking world have been invited to Augsburg: Meike Harms, Aidin Halimi, Luca Swieter and Samuel Kramer. In the best-of format, they don’t just have the usual five minutes, but ten, to make the audience laugh, cry or marvel with their words. At one of the events, the prize-winning slammers are given the task of referencing Brecht’s Svendborg poems in their own style. The collective OMAi will visualize the poets’ words live and on location and pianist David Weber will be the musical guest of the evening. The show will be hosted by Johannes Elster, who will prepare a red carpet of wit and appreciation for all the artists* to welcome them on stage at the Parktheater and link the multi-layered elements of the evening together. Special guests: the audience, who can decide who wins the poetry competition with their applause.


Meike Harms, Aidin Halimi, Mona Harry, Samuel Kramer, David Weber, OMAi, Johannes Elster, aka Hanz.

curated by:

Meike Harms


Johanna Krauel (links oben)
Sandra Wildemann (links unten)
Daniel Dittus (rechts oben)

Biographies of the contributors:

Johannes Elster, aka Hanz (Stuttgart)

Hanz is a presenter and slam poet from the Stuttgart area and feels at home on poetry slam stages between Sylt and Vienna, Görlitz and Bern. His repertoire includes poetry slams, science slams, PowerPoint karaoke and much more. When he’s not presenting, he wins slams – he already has more than 150 titles under his belt, including runner-up at the Baden-Württemberg poetry slam in 2010 and 2015.

Aidin Halimi (Berlin)

Aidin Halimi was born in 1981 and grew up in Iran. He emigrated to Germany at the age of 16. After completing high school, he spent 3 years in Wolfsburg, where he trained as a nursing assistant. He has been based in Berlin since 2008. He then studied German literature and history at the Humboldt University in Berlin, before spending four years teaching German to refugees at the SPI (The “Karl May” Social Institute for Education). He has performed as a poetry slammer throughout Germany since 2015 and has been a member of the Couchpoetos reading stage in Berlin since December 2016.

Meike Harms



Mona Harry

Mona Harry lives in Kiel and studied art and philosophy in Hamburg. Since 2011, she has been active on poetry slam stages throughout the German-speaking world. Videos of her text Norden went viral and achieved some notoriety outside the slam scene. In 2015, she was in the finals of the German-language poetry slam championships. In spring 2018, her self-illustrated children’s book Mutproben, as well as her book Norden und andere Richtungen, and in 2019 her book Hamburg und andere Gelegenheiten were published by KJM Verlag. In 2020, she received the sponsorship award as part of the Art Prize of the State of Schleswig-Holstein.


Samuel Kramer (Frankfurt)

Samuel Kramer is a writer, performer, presenter and activist. He lives and works in Offenbach and Frankfurt am Main. He has been performing on international stages since 2012. At the age of just 20, he won the Hessian Poetry Slam Championship as the youngest winner ever, having previously been the u20 champion three years earlier. He has published anthologies such as “Poetry for Future. 45 Texte für Übermorgen” (Poetry for Future. 45 Texts for the Day After Tomorrow) as well as many other texts in magazines and on the internet. He also collaborates with projects such as the development of the poetry livestream format “close”, which is unique in the German-speaking world. Kramer, who is also a student of philosophy and an environmental activist, is currently working on the short film “pause”, is the co-author of the “Hausacher Protokoll” (Hausach Protocol), was awarded the Wortmeldungen-Förderpreis for “Nichts an einem Waldbrand ist unsichtbar” (Nothing about a forest fire is invisible), and recently won the poetry prize at the 29th open mike.

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