„Brasch liest Brasch oder Bleiben will ich, wo ich nie gewesen bin“

(Brasch reads Brasch or I want to stay where I’ve never been)

reading by the author: Marion Brasch



>> festival headquarter in the Staatliches Textil- und Industriemuseum (tim)

>> Wednesday, 23/2/2022, 7 p.m.

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Digital program

>> Wednesday, 23/2/2022, 7 p.m., live stream

>> afterwards available in the media library

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I want to stay, where I’ve never been – this is the last sentence of one of the most famous poems by Thomas Brasch. And it is one of the key sentences for the author, playwright and film maker, about whom theatre figure Claus Peyman says, his life has been a „wild novel“, „a novel about East and West“.

He was born in English exile to his Jewish-communist parents, grew up and became unruly in the GDR, where he left 1976 to never fully arrive in West Germany and especially not in the united Germany later on.

In his poems, plays and films he confronts sharpmindedly, powerfully and originally social contradictions in an urgent way, that is more relevant than ever.

In her debut novel „Ab jetzt ist Ruhe“ (From now on it’s quiet) Marion Brasch talks about the history of her family. She places her older brother Thomas in the center this time. What was it he was longing for and what caused friction for him? What made him turn away from his family and ultimately from his country? In a collage of text, scenes and film all these questions are woven into a tale.

Marion Brasch

Marion Brasch (*1961) trained to be a typesetter. She worked in a printing house, for different publishers and for the componist association of the GDR, later on for the radio. The novels „Ab jetzt ist Ruhe “ (from now on it’s quiet), „Wunderlich fährt nach Norden“ (Wunderlich drives North) and lastly „Lieber woanders“ (Rather somewhere else) are published by S. Fischer.



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