„Banda Internationale feat. Bernadette La Hengst“

digital program
>> Festival headquarter in the Staatlichen Textil- und Industriemuseum (tim)
>> Saturday, 19/2/2022, 6.30 p.m.
>> Tickets
On the last, completely sold-out Brecht Night, Banda Internationale and Bernadette La Hengst blew the audience in the Kongress im Park away with their Brecht programme. The online format gives anyone who couldn’t get in last time a chance to catch up and lets all those who were there reminisce about those distant times when sweaty bodies were still allowed to party unmasked with and next to each other in closed rooms. The brass band is an established name on the Dresden music scene. In 2015, the troupe toured through Dresden’s first reception camps to include refugee musicians in the band. Since then, the brass section has been supplemented with oud and cello and with musicians from Syria and Iraq. Together with the pop agitation chanteuse Bernadette La Hengst, Banda Internationale are now musically taking on Bertolt Brecht and his flight and migration history after 1933, brushing him with and against the grain, and even swapping his cigar for a proper shisha. In the Großes Haus they perform Brecht songs and their own plays about flight and expulsion, with chutzpah and magical energy. In short: pop against the right and international brass music for everyone!


Stanislav Funk


Bernhard Siegl

curated by

Girisha Fernando


Recording from the  Textil und Industriemuseum Augsburg

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