5. November

Dear Mr. Hoover:
I should like to make a confidential report. The day before yesterday the writer Berthold Brecht appeared before the Committee of un-American activities and stated that he never wrote communistic literature but road only against Hitler. In reality Brecht has always acted and written as a propagandist of Communism and Sovietism. In 1919 he was editorialist oft the„Rote Fahne“ (Red Flag) in Augsburg.
I have followed Brechts career from that time on. Brecht was anunswering advocate of Soviet policy in Germany; he rode several outright communistic plays; among them „Die Massnahme“ /“The measure“) and „Die heilige Johanna der Schlachthöfe“, 1932 („St.Joan oft he sloughter-houses“). The letter play is located in America and Brecht tries to prove the necessity of he downfall of capitalism and free enterprise. In 1932, the Democratic (Pre-Hitlerian) Government of Hesse (Darmstadt) forbade the performance of („St. Joan oft he sloughter-houses“ because of its communistic tendency. One oft he shorter plays of Brecht (I forgot the title) is written in praise oft he secret societies inall countries which work for Soviet-Russia. Berthold Brecht was in Moscow several times; he was co-editor oft he Russian Magazine „Das Wort“ (it appeared in Moscow during the Nazi-Regime in German language). I remember distinctly to have read in one of the issues a diatribe of Brecht against America. I happen to be in contact with friends of Brecht and therefor I know that he has not deviated a bit from the official Russian party line. Several weeks ago he said something like that he and his like are now obliged to palm themselves off „as democrats“. As far as I know Brecht planst o travel to Europe very soon via Switzerland and Iam convinced that he will try to move in the Eastern Zone of Germany in order to work for his communistic ideas. The above???? works of Brecht are available in the library of Congress. Nobody who reads them will doubt that they are communistic literature.

(FBI Updates Vault Home •Bertolt Brecht Part 3 of 4, p.92)

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